The Wax Collection


How long will the fragrance last? 

Your wax melt fragrance will last for the length of time your tea light is lit. However, a lot of our customers report still being able to smell their fragrance the following day! You can re-light a tea light and melt your wax several times until you can no longer smell the fragrance. The average length of each wax melt is around 50 hours of fragrance. 

How do I remove a wax melt from my wax burner? 

We have a few tips for removing wax from a burner.. melt the wax and soak up with a cotton pad / scrape the wax out carefully / slightly melt your wax so it becomes loose and pop out with your finger! 

How many wax melts do I need to use at a time? 

This is completely up to you! Here at the Wax Collection, we use 2 small wax shapes (for example two heart shaped wax melts or 2 pieces of a snap bar) to get a strong scent throw! However, you can use 1 piece/shape if you prefer a lighter scent.